Bible Distribution

Spreading God’s Word Worldwide

Plain and simple, Bible distribution is putting Bibles into the hands of people so they may have their own copy of God’s Word. However, the ripple effect that comes from placing that one book into someone’s hands is what Bible distribution is all about.

  • Bibles spark church attendance.
  • Bibles grow churches as people who received Bibles gather for worship.
  • Bibles encourage literacy.
  • Bibles evangelize the lost.
  • Bibles disciple believers.
  • Bibles motivate people to share the Good News.
  • Bibles lead to salvation.

We live in a spiritually poor world that not only lacks access to the Bible, but also lacks knowledge of what the Bible is and what it teaches. Working with our partners to distribute Bibles, WorldServe Ministries brings Bibles to people who have a hunger for God and gives them the ability to study and meditate with their own copy of the Bible.


You can create a ripple effect by supplying Bibles for only $5!

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