The Way of the Cross

Caught in the Act

There was a knock at the door. Beijing government officials were outside. They were looking for “Strong.” “Strong” and his wife are a Church Planting couple as well as teachers at an underground Bible Training School that, somehow, officials had just discovered. As he made his way to the door, “Strong” said a quick prayer. After hours of interrogation, “Strong” was released. But, to protect his students, he had to act fast.

He immediately began making arrangements to send them to other covert Bible Training Schools in the area. And after that, he and his wife started packing. They would be under constant scrutiny now. If they ever wanted to minister again they’d have to leave their life behind and start over.

Good News Travels Fast

It’s a coincidence this missionary’s name translates as “Strong” because that’s what you have to be to spread the gospel in China—a strong leader who is strong willed and strong in faith. “Strong” shared that God has used troubling circumstances before to move the couple to their next place of service and ministry. It’s the “way of the cross” in China he says. He rejoices in what is an “inconvenience” for him but a blessing for others as the gospel travels with them establishing roots that stay long after “Strong” and his wife move on.

Ministry on the Move

Nothing has been able to slow the spread of the gospel in China. Not fear, not threats, not persecution. In fact, God’s fingerprints are all over China. WorldServe helped “Strong” continue his ministry by supporting his move and helping the couple while they build a new ministry. It’s support from friends like you that allow WorldServe to stand firm alongside our Chinese brothers and sisters as they take up their crosses in China.

Please Help

Your prayers and financial support today will be used to provide great encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ in China and around the globe. Thank you.