A Letter of Thanks

From The Field

Alberto Mendez is one of Camaguey’s most vibrant pastors. In a recent update, he sent along his personal thanks…


Thank you!

It’s a great pleasure to share what is happening at my church. God has abundantly blessed us and has provided many opportunities to reach His people. After months of preparation, we have already encouraged evangelism in the community and we have had great opportunities to lead many to know the Lord. In some areas there are cults who do not follow the Lord. However, we persisted in sharing the Good News and we’re extremely pleased to report that 35 people, who used to belong to cults, committed their lives.

We’ve also developed spiritual encounter seminars, weekly fasts, hospital visitations, evangelism and spiritual warfare teaching. We’re excited about a group of teachers who are interested in helping us prepare upcoming seminars on health, finances, marriage and family for the congregation. And we have new models of information for discipleship, compassion ministries and children’s ministries. This support will allow us to develop even better relationships within the community and our congregation. I’m extremely excited about the opportunities here in Cuba and I’m so thankful for all of the support that enables us to reach the people of Cuba.

May the Lord be with you,

Alberto Osmel Munoz Mendez


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