Raising the Roof

The Crowning Touch

To most people, building a church and not putting a roof over it is unthinkable. But, in Ethiopia church members are excited to just put up walls. Later, if they can find the money, or the tin, to put a roof over the Church that is an extra blessing. To many it’s just a “tin roof,” but to Christians in Ethiopia it’s the finishing touch on an important part of their witness to their neighbors. It becomes a magnet attracting Christians, Muslims, Animists alike as they come to see what this new church is all about.

Build Up the Church

WorldServe Ministries’ Tin Roof Project helps local pastors and church planters roof the buildings they have funded and constructed. Through this partnership, church buildings become a reality for many groups of believers who would otherwise have nowhere to gather for worship. As local believers build their church, the building becomes a witness to Jesus Christ in the local community.

Top It Off

More than 1,000 church planters are working throughout Ethiopia, sharing the love of Jesus Christ in regions that are often hostile to the Gospel. In these areas, a physical church building serves as a literal magnet, drawing people from throughout the region. Although church buildings are a powerful draw, construction is expensive, meaning there is a scarcity of churches in many parts of the country. As a WorldServe partner, your prayers and financial gifts will help support believers in Ethiopia and other areas we serve so they may complete their mission and the churches they plant.